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re.venture GmbH is a German company founded in Berlin by leading renewable energy experts with proven track record and hands-on experience in the development of sustainable bankable and utility-scale renewable energy projects in emerging markets.   

We offer attractive electricity sales prices and high quality power generation systems for industrial consumers and institutional off takers.  We create risk-managed project development opportunities for our investment partners and project stakeholders.

We deliver embedded solar projects as well as off-grid solutions for the mining industry and agricultural processing companies, with world-class engineering made in Germany and special competence and expertise in designing solar hybrid systems such as solar-diesel and solar-hydro power combination projects.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

What makes us different: 

re.venture comprises a unique combination of proven development skills,  strong local networks, electrical & mechanical engineering expertise and hands-on experience in project financing, aligned in most efficient processes, managed by our Team.

What we develop:

sustainable power projects and project developments with a low risk profile and high equity returns.

on land                                                                                    on roofs


 on- grid                                                                                   off-grid                




What we deliver:

· High quality power systems for industrial consumers and institutional off-takers that offer significant cost savings
· Engineering made in Germany with specialized competence in the electrical design for off-grid solar hybrid systems like solar-diesel and solar-hydro combinations
· Embedded solar projects, as well as off-grid solutions for industry and agriculture
· Customized financial modeling, commercial structuring and project financing



What make us different:

· Holistic development approach 

· Team of experts with proven track record 

· Strong financing partners

· Excellent local and international network